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FUSION - Melanie Charles, Mark De Clive Lowe, Sho Ishikura and Le-Poodle Live

時間/17:40 - 18:20(40分間)
場所/1F あいあい広場


Melanie Charles

Melanie Charles is a Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter, actress, and flutist of Haitian descent, with a creative fluidity spanning jazz, soul, experimental, and Haitian roots music. Charles latest release “The Girl with the Green shoes” established Charles as a progressive voice in Jazz catching the attention of India Arie and a feature in The New York Times Sunday routine as well as The Village Voice. “You can hear her collaging her musical DNA into jazz-studded multi-instrumentalism and dipping a toe into the experimental... there's an uncanny cohesion to Charles' music." - Village Voice
Charles' latest venture, Make Jazz Trill Again, traces the Journey of Black music from the Haitian Folk songs to Negro Spirituals, from the Blues to Nancy Wilson and Hugh Masekela. Charles creates a space where tradition meets present time, using Roland SPs, loop pedals, and the flute to blur the lines between and among social classes, cultures, genders, and theories to create a world where opposing elements can co-exist.
Charles graduated from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music with a BFA in vocal jazz performance and trained under the tutelage of jazz masters Reggie Workman, Charles Tolliver, Junior Mance, Janet Lawson, Carla Cook, and Billy Harper, has worked with Herlin Riley, Ellis Marsalis, Pedrito Martinez, ELEW, Jean Grae, SZA, Jussie Smollet, the Gorillaz. Her recent television appearances include Good Morning America, SNL, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


Melanie CharlsはBrooklyn生まれのシンガーソングライター、アクトレス、そしてクリエイティブフルイディティ、ジャズ、ソウル、エクスペリメンタル、ハイチアンミュージックのハイチ系フルート奏者である。
Charlsの最新のリリース” The Girl With The Green shoes”では確立した歌声で人々の心を奪うジャズだとIndia Arieに見初められた他、New York TimesやVillage Voiceでも確率された歌声の持ち主だと認められ取り上げられた。
最近のCharlsの事業では、ハイチアンフォークソングからネグロスピリチュアルジャズ、Nancy wilsonやHugh Masekelaのブルースからブラックミュージックのジャーニーをたどり、伝統的な物と現在が重なる場所を作り更にRoland SPsやLoop Pedals、フルートを使用し社会的立場やカルチャー、性別、論理の間にあるボーダーラインを越えて異なった要素が共存できる世界を作り出そうとしている。
Charlsはニュースクールにて名だたるジャズの名人Reggie Workman、Charles Tolliver, Junior Mance etc…の指導の元ボーカルジャズパフォーマンス科をジャズ&コンテンポラリー学士として卒業した。

Mark De Clive Lowe

Musical maverick Mark de Clive-Lowe seems an impossibility at first sight - juggling piano, synths, live sampling and beat making all on-the-fly, brought to life with a casual ease that’s mind-boggling. The Japanese-New Zealander was raised primarily in New Zealand where he learnt piano from a young age developing an avid passion for jazz through his father’s record collection. In high school, he fell in love with Native Tongues hip hop and early UK jungle – laying the foundation for what was to come next…
During his hugely formative decade at the epicenter of London’s underground music scene, MdCL helped evolve broken beat alongside some of the UK’s most forward-thinking trailblazers, establishing himself as a new voice in progressive electronic music and leading global tastemaker DJ Gilles Peterson to designate him “the main behind a million great tunes”. Since 2008, MdCL has called Los Angeles, California home where his acclaimed club night CHURCH has taken his signature sound of technology and beat-infused jazz mash-up from coast to coast and around the globe. Equal parts pianist, composer and live production wizard, MdCL’s sets are a treat for the listeners, the dancers, the progressives and the purists alike - as he casually erases the lines between genres and eras.
Whether he’s remixing classic Blue Note Records in real time, on stage joined by the likes of Kamasi Washington, Nia Andrews or Eric Harland, improvising solo piano or creating live soundtracks to classic film material, MdCL is an artist in constant evolution, reaching for that next level. He has performed with Harvey Mason, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Dwight Trible and Jean Grae; remixed Shirley Horn, Hiatus Kaiyote, Mantombi Matotiyana and Jerry Goldsmith; and recorded as producer and collaborator with artists all over the planet. Having contributed to over 300 releases, to call MdCL prolific is something of an understatement.
MdCL has featured at festivals including Montreal Jazz, North Sea Jazz, Uberjazz, Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Atlanta and is an established performer globally from South Africa to Japan and across the US and Europe.


ジャグリングピアノ、シンセサイザー、ライブサンプリング、ビートメイキングの全てをやってのける一匹狼Mark de Clive-Lowe(以下MdCL)一見不可能にさえ見えるものを容易にこなす彼のスタイルには度肝を抜かれる。
ニュージーランド育ちのJapanese-New Zealanderであり、幼い頃からピアノを習い、彼の父親のレコードコレクションを通してジャズへの情熱を高めていく事になる。高校生の頃にはNative Tongues hip hopやearly UK jungle – laying the foundationに心を奪われる。
彼の過去10年間の大部分を形成するロンドンのアンダーグラウンド音楽シーンの中心地でMdCLは先駆者と共にBroken beatとUKの進化を助けるのと同時にProgressive electronic musicの中でnew voiceとして彼自身を確立した。世界的流行を作り出すDJ Gilles Petersonも彼を“非常に多くの素晴らしいチューンの裏にいるメイン立役者”と2008年より彼を名指ししている。
その後Los Angelsに移り、彼のsound of technologyとbeat-infused jazz mash-upがクラブナイトCHURCHで評価され西海岸から世界へと発信される。ピアニスト、コンポーザー、ライブプロダクションのエキスパートとしてのMDcLのセットリストは聞き手やダンサーに浸透し続け、彼はジャンルや世代の線引きをいとも簡単に越えていく。
クラシックブルーノートレコードをリミックスし、 Kamasi Washington, Nia AndrewsやEric Harlandなどとステージを共にし、即興でのピアノソロやクラシックフィルム用ライブサウンドトラックを作り出すなどMdCLは絶え間ない進化の中に存在するネクストレベルに至るアーティストである。
Harvey Mason, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Dwight Trible and Jean Graeと共にパフォーマンスをし、Harvey Mason, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Dwight Trible and Jean GraeのRemixを手掛け、プロッデューサーとしてレコーディングに参加しコラボレーターとして世界中のアーティストと共演し300以上のリリースに貢献し多くの作品を残す。MdCLはMontreal Jazz, North Sea Jazz, Uberjazz, Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Atlantaなどの音楽フェスにフィーチャーされサウスアフリカから日本、アメリカからヨーロッパまで各地を巡るグローバルパフォーマーとして認められている。

Sho Ishikura

Sho Ishikura is a singer/producer based in Brooklyn, NY. He has released music in his characteristically eclectic fashion under the monikers .nathan, Sho, and Brunette. Following in the footsteps of past and current multi-instrumentalist producers like Prince and Blood Orange, Sho is set to make an alluring impression on the broader genre of R&B in 2019.

Natalie Foucauld

Natalie Foucauld aka Le Poodle grew up in South Florida as a first generation Puerto Rican and Haitian American. Her mother put her in art classes from a very young age after a pre-school teacher noticed her drawing abilities and recommended that she hone that skill. Natalie would get bored easily and luckily she was given the opportunity to jump around between music, art, reading, poetry, dance, and sports as a child—as long as she had good grades of course. She eventually studied fine art at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach. It was here where she truly was able to develop her technical skills as a visual artist. She was also able to expand as a person after being exposed to so many different kinds of artistic mediums and peers from many different backgrounds. After high school, she had decided to go on and study nutrition sciences at Florida State University. At this time, she was not painting as often, although if you look at her old chemistry notebooks, you can see them covered in doodles. She moved down to Miami to study at Barry University for physician assistant (PA) school. The intensity of PA school definitely took a toll on her and she was yearning for something to relieve this pressure, yet could not put her finger on it. She realized she was always going to music shows and concerts, supporting her friends and constantly digging and discovering new music. On a whim one day she decided to pick up the guitar and make a song from a poem she had written. Since then she never looked back and proficiently learned guitar, bass, keys and how to record herself at home, while also fronting a band she formed called Cloud Solo. She also goes by her solo artist name, Le Poodle, often. She completed her doctorate in medical sciences this past year, while also working as a PA. Today, she expresses herself through music, art, and other pathways.

Natalie Foucauld 通所 Le Poodleはプエルトリコ、ハイチ系移民一世としてサウスフロリダで育った。
後にウェストパームビーチのA.W. Dreyfoos School of the Artsでファインアートを学ぶ。そこではビジュアルアーティストとしての専門的スキルを本格的に高めると同時に、非常に多くの異なる芸術的媒体と異なったバックグラウンドをもつ仲間と触れ合う事で人間的に成長することも出来た。その頃Natalieは頻繁にペイントをしていなかったにもかかわらず彼女の古いノートブックをみれば、いたずら書きのペイントで埋め尽くされているのが見て取れる。
その後Barry Universityで医師助手の資格を勉強する為マイアミに移るがその厳しさからプレッシャーを和らげる何かを探し求めている時、常にミュージックショーやコンサートに行き新しい音楽を探り発掘している自分に気がつき、ある日ふと思いついたようにギターを手に取り書きためていたポエムで曲を作り始める。
それからはなりふり構う事なく、ギター、ベース、キー、自宅でのレコーディングの仕方を熟練して学ぶ、その間Cloud Soloというバンドを結成し、Le Poodleという名でのソロアーティストとしての活動も頻繁に行う。